What we fund

We are particularly interested in effective approaches to addressing the needs of children, young people and young adults (up to 24 years old) in the following areas:

  • victims/survivors of abuse and exploitation
  • homelessness and its underlying causes
  • those suffering from mental health problems
  • those leaving care
  • those leaving the criminal justice system
  • problems of isolation experienced in rural areas
  • enterprising solutions to job creation
  • targeted, issues-based youthwork
  • those living in poverty

The majority of our grants are multi-year revenue grants for core costs (i.e. salaries and running costs) however Trustees will also fund capital projects that make a tangible difference to a local community.

Whilst we prefer to fund organisations that are registered charities, we will consider offering grants to organisations who are pursuing charitable objectives providing their aims / constitution are clearly not-for-profit. We will only consider applications from national organisations where the beneficiaries and project workers are based within our beneficial area.

Please note that Trustees prefer to fund small to medium-sized organisations and it is therefore unlikely they will support applications from charities with a turnover in excess of £1m. It is also worth noting that charities should not apply to both the Frieda Scott and Francis C Scott Charitable Trusts at the same time. We would encourage you to seek guidance from the staff if you are unsure.