Step Change

What is it?

  • an accelerator of existing potential
  • consultant-led 1:1 or small group meetings over time that are facilitative rather than prescriptive
  • not a funder telling a beneficiary what to do
  • a process of development that has targets/outcomes agreed at all stages by the charity, consultant and funder
  • those stages can be described as follows:


Criteria for engagement

  • must be a charitable organisation that is an existing, recent or potential beneficiary of the trust
  • the initiative will come from FCSCT as an invitation to take advantage of an added service
  • the consultant will reflect our values and modus operandus … which are:
    • Respect for the skills of charity leaders
    • Valuing the contribution of volunteers
    • Understanding the unique demands of the charitable sector
    • Enabling learning rather than ‘doing it for them’
    • Outcome/change focussed

Targeted areas of support

As a local trust we are aware of the many challenges facing charity/project leaders but with our Step Change consultancy, we only offer support in the following areas:

  • key person mentoring and development
  • organisational development (e.g. structure, financial reporting, governance)
  • fundraising strategy
  • board facilitation (away-days)
  • strategic planning

What are we (FCSCT) seeking?

  • to ensure that any future support is used to its optimum level by higher performing individuals and organisations
  • to better equip individuals and organisations for the challenges ahead
  • to upskill the sector

The process

  • no consultancy happens without the charity agreeing to it and committing to engaging with the process
  • if the charity is interested, a no obligation first meeting is arranged between the consultant and the charity leader
  • if all parties agree, a consultancy agreement is then drawn up (including a plan of work over a specified time) and
    signed by the funder, the charity and the consultant
  • any reporting back to the funder is with the explicit agreement and approval of the charity