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This carers’ support charity covers a wide area that includes some of the most deprived urban estates in Cumbria as well as many isolated rural villages. Their support for young carers began back in 2003 and they are now into their second three-year grant from FCSCT. Each of the 130 young carers involved with this project have a different story to tell – here’s just a few of them:

I am 13 years old. At home I look after my mum and my brother. But at my dad’s house I look after my aunty and my dad. The reason I look after my mum and my aunty is because they are both disabled. Young Carers has helped me by giving me some time to rest and socialise with my friends. Everything and everyone has helped me at Young Carers because of the support I get when I want it and all the trips get my mind off all the stuff at home. So I thank Jacqui, Debs and Emma plus all of the people that have helped.

Young Carers helped me because I have met new friends. At home I go on my laptop when I am bored or I watch telly with my brother, this is who I care for. Young Carers gets me away from home and I get to talk to people who are in the same situations as me. Young Carers leaders support me and help me to understand my little brother’s illness.

I am 11 years old. I come to Young Carers because of the condition of my dad. I have made lots of friends. I am a carer because I look after my dad because of his heart condition. I have lots of support from the leaders when I am down. Jacqui and Emma are really kind and helpful but I think the trips are fab, really cool, and all the events that go on. I like to come to the Youth Group because of all the things we do and all the support I get is really kind of Jacqui and Emma they are the best.

I am 12 years old and I come to Young Carers because of my dad. It helped me make lots of friends, good ones. The workers help me if I am sad and take me on lots of good trips. If we go on trips the trips are really good, they are really exciting and adventurous and I like going to youth group because of all the good things we do.

I am 16 years old. My home life consists of looking after my dad, like washing up, tidying up, and basic stuff like that. My dad has a prosthetic leg. Young Carers has helped me build new friendships and helped me understand what others like me are going through. We have great support from all the staff, not only with home problems that may occur but also with other problems. For example, I was going through a rough time and when I was in youth group Jacqui had a conversation with me and I told her what was wrong and she gave me support that I desperately needed which helped me to move on. Youth group has helped me greatly to feel good about myself and to talk more openly about my feelings.

I am 14. I come to Young Carers due to my brothers, one of them is in a special school and the other has learning disabilities. Young Carers helped me get away from him at home and gives me better opportunities to make new friends. I also think young carers have someone who will help and understand how I feel and give me as much help as I need.

I am 12 years old. I love West Cumbria Carers. I got involved when I was eight. My mother has epilepsy and I look after her. Young Carers has helped me a lot with making friends and I come out more because of the trips.

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