North Copeland Youth Partnership

Youth project for the villages of Parton, Lowca and Moresby

Bypassed by the A595 and perched by the sea just north of Whitehaven, these three villages benefit from a new youth project that has been set up and managed by the indefatigable Valda Young. FCSCT was one of the first funders on board and we have been delighted with the rapid progress Valda has made. Here, she reflects on just one of the dozens of young people who attend NCYP.

This one (below) really moved me when I read it. The young girl has been through a lot, her mother has depression and tried to commit suicide and the young girl found her when she finished school and had to call an ambulance. She is very active in the youth club, it is here when she finishes school straight away and we all make sure that she is given the opportunity to excel in her chosen activity. At the moment she is doing her Silver Youth Achievement Award and is helping, with other young people, to run sessions for the younger group.

Female 14 years

The youth club has changed my life a lot because it keeps me busy instead of sitting in my house. Gives me opportunities to have life experiences, to make new friends, sort of keeps me active and I do things I would never do in the future.

Case Studies

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